• About us About us

    For five years, the SdNcenter company has been supporting its clients with IT solutions by creating and modernizing computer systems that effectively streamline business processes and the functioning of enterprises and institutions. Based on our experience as well as on the accurate identification and understanding of our clients’ needs, we are able to work on advanced IT projects with efficiency using the newest technological solutions available on the market as well as our own.

  • We develope software We develope software

    We create dedicated applications that meet the specific requirements of our clients. We also provide consulting services. We help organizations achieve greater efficiency by utilizing both Agile and Lean practices and principles. With truly exceptional people working for us, we can solve even the biggest and most complex problems of our clients.

  • The Newest Technologies and Best Practices The Newest Technologies and Best Practices

    For each project that we work on, we search for the best technology available on the market. We choose the solutions that would not only fulfill the recipient’s requirements, but also enable the development and expansion of created solutions.

Software Development

Supporting our clients in building the best IT systems has been at the core of our business for many years. We develop both large business applications and individual modules for existing systems. To this end, we work with the newest tools, programming languages, standards and platforms, testing their strengths and weaknesses to provide our clients with the best and most proven solutions.

System Architecture

We help our clients to deliver innovative, functional products using technologies that may not be common, but are always appropriate and up to the task. In order to reach our goal, we use the experience of the best specialists and system architects. The quality of the proposed solutions is valued by our recipients. The products we have worked on can be easily told apart from others by their high reliability, usability, and the ability to expand and adapt.

IT Outsourcing

Support in increasing productivity and business competitiveness through the implementation of stable and reliable IT solutions is not only an “item from the offer” of SdNcenter. It is one of our primary objectives. We have years of experience in providing business solutions based on IT systems. Our team of qualified experts will implement new solutions and train your personnel. We will continuously maintain and develop the IT environment as your business expands.

About us

SdNcenter is not a typical company. It is a talented, ambitious and reliable group of people passionate about programming and information technology. The purpose of this team is to create, support and develop.



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