Transforming business ideas into competitive, cutting-edge technology solutions with start-up agility, efficiency, and engagement, powered by a highly skilled team and innovative Gen AI applications.

Business Analyses

For each project we assign experienced Business Analysts who will professionally support the requirements definition processes and help discover new ideas.

Agile Practices

Our development teams will leverage Agile and SCRUM methodologies guaranteeing flexible scope management and leaving you full control over priorities.

UX Design

Our creative UX and graphic designers will convert any idea into interactive visualization that allow to quickly verify the concept, perform focus tests with end-users and shape the final decisions.


Detailed test scripts and veriaty of testing environemnts support our SQA specialists in making sure that delivered products will meet specified expectations before reaching to production.

Trusted Architects

Technology experts and architects will choose the best solution and cutting edge frameworks to achieve highest performance, best user experience and modern design and minimal cost.


Once your solution is delivered we will make sure you have professional support to safely expand your business.

What our clients say

SdNcenter has proved their ability to accomplish very complex and broad software projects to agreed timelines and budgets. Excellent communication, unique solutions and reliability define the cooperation with SdNcenter. We are very satisfied and pleased with the decision of selecting SdNcenter as the vendor responsible for helping to develop one of our crucial software products.- Chester Lu - Global Brand Leader Software - Ascensia Diabetes Care
Thanks to very good coordination of execution, vendor experience and perfect communication, project was delivered on time and completed with success.- Anna Szklarz - Brand Manager Bayer
From my view, there is no better tool than yours for accessing .NET API in such a fluent, clean and performant way.- Matthias Lemmer - Philipps-Universitat Marburg
We have implemented javOnet bridge to support our Transportation Management System. The solution not only has proved its high reliability and ease of use in a case of reusing business logic previously implemented in VB .NET, but it enabled us either to provide a highly efficient and powerful single platform solution to our clients.- 3GTMS Transportation Software
and more companies trust our products and services
Cooperating Universities
Years on Market
What we’re about

We are a software company that has a vast experience in providing the highest quality IT services to the companies among the world including the biggest corporations present on the market.

Since the year 2006 we support our customers in the everyday IT operations and achieving long term technical and business goals.

We build the customized software for our clients and develop custom advanced software products that help the companies and development teams around the world gain the best results.

Technologies we work with
  • C#, Java, Swift, JavaScript, Objective-C, C++, VB.NET, VBS, Perl
  • Front-End: AngularJS, JQuery, Bootstrap, BackboneJS
  • Back-End: ASP.NET, MVC, WPF, WCF, WinForms, Spring, JAX-WS
  • Databases: MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, SqlLite
  • Cloud: Azure, AWS
  • Automations: HPOO
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Why You Should Use Java and .NET Bridge?

Working at SdNcenter, every day I experience the fact that the software development market today is all about the cloud, services and integrations. Many companies.. Read More →
Software Development

With 10 years of experience in executing variaty of software development projects across in-house products development, fixed price, time and material and manage services formula we can deliver reliable, professional and cutting-edge solutions for any mid-size and large-scale software projects. Our internal team depicts high profficiency in desktop, web, mobile and enterprise integrations development so we can always provide qualified supervising and unique quality. With strong experience in Agile practices we always deliver working solutions on time.

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Competence Outsourcing

For custom internal projects in demand for more resources we are offering professional competence outsourcing services. Having multi-technology team on-site we can quickly address critical demands but also professionally screen and reach best specialists on the market. All our consultants speak fluent english. We are delivering engineers for on-site work but also we are able to allocate dedicated office space for your project with all the equipment and knowledge required to provide development service aligned with latest trends and DevOps practices.

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Enterprise Software Products

Within multi-year experience we faced number of enterprise-level challenges and some of them we decided to address with our custom products allowing to share the research and development costs across multiple stakeholders, providing easy, flexible, generic solutions that can be easily adapted in existing environments. Within these efforts we created our flagship world unique Java and .NET integration solution called Javonet and robust development toolkit .NetKS for building custom monitoring solutions in .NET for Microfocus AppManager monitoring platform.

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